From MAGIC Magazine January 2005 cover article, The Ride of His Life, by Stan Allen:

“When Rory Johnston strapped himself into the thrill ride called showbiz, little did he know he’d be whizzing through the worlds of birthday parties, circus, and trade shows, experiencing the peaks and valleys of TV, movies, and Vegas shows, before he’d discover ‘Murphy, The Mindreading Dog,’ and the smooth sailing realm of cruise ship shows.”

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A Review of Rory Johnston’s book Apocalypse 666

Pine Bluff Commercial (8/14/2002)

Apocalypse 666 is a snappy little book that I tore through in two days. Granted, it’s not a long book, but it kept me chugging through pages like a chain smoker puffing cancer sticks.

It wastes no time getting going. In chapter one, we have already witnessed the unexplained disappearance of millions of people and witnessed the various mammoth results of such an event.

Of course, fans of such books as the Left Behind series will know exactly what the disappearance is. And many other elements along the way will be familiar to readers of such fiction.

However; Johnston “fulfills” these familiar prophetic elements in often unexpected ways. Though there are standard end times fiction components here, this really isn’t a standard end times novel.

For one thing, Johnston tries to make his interpretations of the Book of Revelation’s apocalyptic imagery “technologically feasable”…

Be warned, Johnston is a Christian but his take on events in this novel are a bit unorthodox. But that was actually the point…

By all means, get this book. It’s fantastic reading. But don’t expect your typical Christian fiction. Johnston’s unique vision of St. John’s divine vision will keep you constantly wondering where he’s going…

Folks, he will leave you hanging. Johnston admitted himself that he isn’t here to preach, just provoke your thoughts. He wants to lead you down a path but let you make your own decision.

Johnston will lead you to the end of the story but the reader himself will have to write “The End”.

Go. Get on-line right now and order this book. Get a Bible too, if you don’t already have one. It’s a bestseller and APOCALYPSE 666 deserves to be.

APOCALYPSE 666 (5 stars)

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